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These Homemade Protein Bars Are Amazing


A few days ago I whipped up at random some Homemade Protein bars out of ingredients I had here at home. They actually turned out to taste really amazing and they are extremely healthy. I posted it on Facebook and…
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Unicity Transformation Saved My Middle Age


You Still Have to Count, or Else Stop Having Birthdays In 2012 I went through the Transformation with tremendous success. Looking back, I believe that Transformation experience saved me from turning that “middle age” corner of having to face a…
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Dark Gourmet Chocolate is it Really Healthy?

There are alot of “dark gourmet chocolate” start-up companies entering the wellness industry over the last year. The claim is that the product is “healthy”. We’ve seen the commercials, ads and the media feature it. So I decided to look…
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The Glycemic Affect

The Glycemic Affect is simply when foods turn into glucose (a form of sugar) in the bloodstream after we eat them. The glycemic index is the measurement of the type or quality of carbs in a particular food, and how…
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