Finally…a product that has become the most validated and talked about natural solution in the medical profession for controlling blood sugars, lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and obesity (fat loss).

This product marketed exclusively by Unicity International franchise owners and it is called Bios Life Slim.

Listen to this 2 minute recording what the President & CEO recently had to say about the latest clinical research around the globe.

Bios Life Slim is a “win-win” formulation that can be used along side current therapies, Neal Secrist, MD.

Listen to the below calls as REAL doctors share their experiences with getting with their patients on Bios Life Slim. If you know anyone in the health care profession who would benefit from listening to these calls, please share this web-site page.

The number of case studies that have shown remarkable patient improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol are building daily and discussed on these calls by medical professionals.

Health Care Professionals Call – June 21, 2011 (30 mins)

Health Care Professionals Call – June 28, 2011 (30 mins)

Health Care Professionals Call – July 11, 2011 (30 mins)

What can you do?

This product is only marketed through Bios Life franchise owners offering the most significant entrepreneurial opportunity on the market today. Best of all is that you do not need to be a medical doctor or have a background in health care to start as a franchise owner.

The exciting part is that the market for Bios Life is only going to grow…and you can take this opportunity to be part of this massive growth and create a residual income.

The only thing standing in Your way of FREEDOM is YOU!

Are you ready to take advantage of the most significant entrepreneurial opportunity? There is no better time than right NOW to take this product and participate in this market. This is YOUR chance to change your future.

The tide is rising and those who become a Bios Life Franchise owner, and get to work, will experience financial results in this economic opportunity.

Now is the TIME to TAKE ACTION.

Don’t waste any more time. Contact me RIGHT NOW!

Doug Collins
Riverview, New Brunswick

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REAL clinical studies! REAL medical acceptance! REAL results!

Bios Life Slim is fast becoming the most validated and talked about product in the medical and wellness industry for controlling Obesity, Lowering Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Triglycerides, and managing Blood Sugars for type 2 Diabetes.

The main reason why so many mainstream medical professionals are open to looking at Bios Life Slim is the third party, peer-reviewed, clinical studies that demonstrate the product has REAL, replicable impressive results.

What do these doctors know that you don’t?

Listen to these interviews with mainstream medical doctors and Stewart Hughes, CEO of Unicity.

Pedro Serrant, MD, Board Certified Internal Medicine. Dr Serrant practices internal medicine in Slidell, Louisiana.

Kathy Hart, MD

Cathy Hart, MD is in Family Medicine in Woodlands, Texas and is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

You’ve listened and you’ve learned. What more do YOU need?

This 20-year old product is now, finally, getting worldwide medical acceptance. Unicity is a global company with a legacy of creating products that “Make Life Better”.

Unicity has chosen our path to market. What is happening here is grass routes, all the pieces have come together…and the Timing NOW!

This is YOUR Legacy!

Someday you will be telling the story of how you learned about this Bios Life Slim, right here and right now! BUT WILL YOUR STORY END THERE? Will you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity and use it to achieve your dreams?

Don’t waste any more time. Contact me RIGHT NOW!

Doug Collins
Riverview, New Brunswick

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