Did you know that Fresh Cup Magazine published an article back in December 2007 titled Mad About Matcha that stated;

A Trend that May Be Hard to Swallow

We should hope that some company finds a way to make matcha more palatable without sacrificing its essential spirit and chemical beneficence.

We might all hope that the American consumer embraces matcha as it was meant to be: something utterly foreign that we might learn to love.

The article went on to say that most Westerners describe their first taste of matcha as something between a fist full of lawn clippings. This is no slight on Matcha, of course—from the Asian point of view, we Westerners don’t have the most discerning palates.

A New Matcha on the Market

In 2010 a global company named Unicity International was the first to launched such a Matcha product, called Bios Life Matcha. It is derived from Japanese Ceremonial grade Chi-Oka Matcha green tea fortified with blueberries and pomegranate to give it a sweet taste and enhanced antioxidant punch.

Tastes Great..Sweet & Refreshing

Bios Life Matcha taste great mainly due to the blueberry and pomegranates included giving it a nice sweet refreshing taste that can be enjoyed warm or cold. Its the ONLY great tasting, conveniently packaged and powerful Matcha product on the market.

In August 2012 this product was officially launched in Canada…and now history is being written.

Looking for a home based entrepreneurial opportunity? Look no more. Matcha is The Trend.

Now’s the time.
Lets talk.

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Nowadays, everyone speaks about “GOING GREEN”. I am a real fan of it too. I love nature, I love mother earth and I love to contribute to its protection. Definitely, over the course of the next years, I will implement this stronger as one of my purposes in life.

But for now, let’s speak about “going green” in a slightly different context:

Unicity – a world market leader in high value nutrition – is creating the next billion dollar business opportunity in natural nutrition. This wave is going to be stronger than the Aloe Vera wave and all so-called super-fruit waves (Noni, ACAI et al.) that came thereafter. So what is this about? It is all about MATCHA!

Most probably you have never heard about Matcha before. No wonder if you live in Canada, USA and Central Europe, as this unique nutrition – based on a very exclusive green tea-plant with huge health benefits – is still quite un-known over here. However, as unknown as it is today, as unknown it was all around the world just 5 years ago – with one exception: Japan. The Buddhist Monks kept it a secret for more than 1000 years.

Now, from 2011, it is most likely to become the next big no. 1 nutritional hype throughout the world! So mark this date – you are now acquiring information that can be worth millions to you – but only if you do something about it.

Hollywood’s celebrities already are amongst the first Matcha followers and users – so this is something that will also catch the masses’ interest for sure.

The word is out that Matcha has a very high anti-oxidant content which can help maintain healthy cells and tissues. It has all the benefits of a green tea, but in higher doses. It is full of minerals like potassium, calcium, sodium, copper, iron and zinc. Also, it has fat-burning qualities, and who doesn’t like that? And not to forget the mental clarity and extra boost it provides as highly appreciated side effects…

Did you ever dream of being first to find out about the next MEGA trend?

Well, your dream will most probably become reality. Let’s have a close look at the market potential of Matcha…

Global Awareness – perfect timing!

For our following predictions and analysis, we look at Google’s trend graphs:

Google Trends on Matcha – Worldwide vs. Germany

What you can see is, that the global awareness of Matcha has increased steadily, but still slowly from 2006 on. Due to yet still insignificant numbers, there are no charts available for most countries, but there is one for Germany. What we can see from that chart is, that Matcha currently gets some initial awareness in Germany (most likely this has to do with Unicity’s Franchise Partners who are promoting it). Looking back at the worldwide chart, from the 4th quarter of 2010 on, it shows a more significant increase. It does not require much fantasy, that this is the beginning of a steep increase toward explosive momentum. Matcha now quickly gains “awareness” – and is about to become a MEGA trend!

Every analysis needs a reference or a comparison. I have looked at something, of which people in some places in the world (still) think this is a hype – ACAI:

Looking at the ACAI chart comparing it with the MATCHA chart is like looking into a Crystal Ball:

The first part of the chart – before the explosive momentum phase – looks like the current chart of Matcha. Matcha is right before the explosive momentum phase – on a GLOBAL scale! And we are talking 1000′s of %’s here! Thousands! With the ACAI business, especially in the Network Marketing industry, many multi-millionaires have been created during the ACAI hype – and we just talk “another berry” here! Think about how many new multi-millionaires will be created through the far more exclusive Matcha wave that is right ahead of us?

If you want to benefit from that huge wave, you must enter the field NOW and run with us! Spread the word massively!

Unicity currently is the only global player who has both ready available for you in a turn-key business opportunity: You can get exclusive access to the very best Matcha product resources AND the right distribution channel!

One more thing about the ACAI chart. The more critical amongst us see the down-turn that happened with ACAI and wonder, if this will be the same with Matcha. Here’s my 2 cents on this: First, we do have the 1000′s of % increase ahead of us – so let’s not worry now. Second, I would guess that it will not go down like ACAI. Matcha is far more exclusive, expensive and rare, while ACAI is growing like weeds in many different places.

Got it? OK. Now let’s look at above charts and treat this information like it concerned listed stocks. As you are now SEEing what will happen, here’s a few questions to you (and my own answers, too):

  1. Which one of the two would you buy (into)? – (Matcha, of course!)
  2. When would you buy? – (Now!)
  3. Does it make sense to wait? – (NO!)
  4. Does it make sense to hesitate? – (NO!)
  5. Does it make sense to argue? – (NO!)
  6. And: where can you join this MEGA trend? – (at Unicity, of course!)

So what is your next step?

The solution can only be to go full throttle! Unicity’s CEO Stewart Hughes knows well what will happen. That’s why he had invested significantly in Matcha (and he understands charts and trends from his 15 years Wall Street experience – you bet!). The Executive Advisory Board knows what will happen and their leaders know it too. Even better: They will be a vital part to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

There’s a million US$ on the table in extra incentive bonuses from Unicity, just to take part actively in the biggest trend. How hard is that??? Sure, unfortunately some will miss out on it, because they do not SEE it. But some do SEE it already and many more will SEE over the course of the next year and the years after.

My sincere advice to you is: GET ORGANIZED. You’ve got only 2 choices: To WIN BIG or wait for the next MEGA trend to unfold before your eyes. You decide.

Myself, my Unicity colleges and our Maserati Group leadership team is all 100% aware of what will happen. We are deeply committed to give our VERY BEST as a team to generate the max. of success to all those partners, who will be “on the field” with us. You desperately want success? Then you have no other choice but rock massively with us!

Call me soon,

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[Press Release]

Unicity International Reports Record Growth In 2011 With New Products

Salt Lake City, UT January 10, 2012

Unicity International—a global leader in nutritional sciences and natural health products—is announcing record growth in 2011. Through the creation of new clinically proven products, expansion to new international markets, hosting of motivational Leadership Training and Recognition events around the globe, and the development of strong executive leadership, Unicity has experienced tremendous growth.

Two of the major products Unicity launched in 2011 were Bios Life Matcha and Bios Life Slim G. Bios Life Matcha—a natural energy drink formulated to boost mental focus using the exclusive Chi-Oka Matcha ingredient—rose quickly in popularity after its initial launch. Bios Life Slim G, released in September 2011, focuses on helping the body manage glucose levels. Both products quickly became favorites in the Unicity product family and have helped propel the company forward.

After nearly two years of research and development, Unicity released its most anticipated program: the Make Life Better Transformation. This full-body improvement program—developed by nutrition, fitness, and formulation experts— helps people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through world-class nutritional products, exercise, and personal coaching. Many of those who were able to participate in the program before its official launch have praised the experience, saying the Make Life Better Transformation has helped them look and feel better than ever [click here to read Enzo's story on Facebook].

During 2011, Unicity also held events around the globe—including company conferences in Thailand, South Korea, and the United States, among many others. Each company event had a record number of attendees, with Thailand’s conference attendance exceeding 10,000. In addition to events, Unicity expanded its global reach by opening offices in India (March 2011) and Indonesia (December 2011). These new markets have helped Unicity continue its tremendous growth worldwide.

Due to the rapid global growth of the company, Unicity also announced organizational changes. Brent D. Morrill was appointed President and COO, Christopher H. Kim was appointed President of Unicity Asia Pacific, and Clayton P. Barton was appointed President of Unicity Americas, Europe, and India. These changes will help Unicity achieve even greater growth in 2012.

To learn more about Unicity’s products and opportunity CLICK HERE.

About Unicity International:

Unicity International is a worldwide leader in nutritional and personal care products. The company’s mission to Make Life Better helps people look better, feel better, and live better. Recent products like Bios Life Matcha and Bios Life Slim G help people by providing natural energy and help manage their blood sugar and glucose levels.

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Finally…a product that has become the most validated and talked about natural solution in the medical profession for controlling blood sugars, lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and obesity (fat loss).

This product marketed exclusively by Unicity International franchise owners and it is called Bios Life Slim.

Listen to this 2 minute recording what the President & CEO recently had to say about the latest clinical research around the globe.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Bios Life Slim is a “win-win” formulation that can be used along side current therapies, Neal Secrist, MD.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Listen to the below calls as REAL doctors share their experiences with getting with their patients on Bios Life Slim. If you know anyone in the health care profession who would benefit from listening to these calls, please share this web-site page.

The number of case studies that have shown remarkable patient improvements in blood sugar and cholesterol are building daily and discussed on these calls by medical professionals.

Health Care Professionals Call – June 21, 2011 (30 mins)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Health Care Professionals Call – June 28, 2011 (30 mins)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Health Care Professionals Call – July 11, 2011 (30 mins)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

What can you do?

This product is only marketed through Bios Life franchise owners offering the most significant entrepreneurial opportunity on the market today. Best of all is that you do not need to be a medical doctor or have a background in health care to start as a franchise owner.

The exciting part is that the market for Bios Life is only going to grow…and you can take this opportunity to be part of this massive growth and create a residual income.

The only thing standing in Your way of FREEDOM is YOU!

Are you ready to take advantage of the most significant entrepreneurial opportunity? There is no better time than right NOW to take this product and participate in this market. This is YOUR chance to change your future.

The tide is rising and those who become a Bios Life Franchise owner, and get to work, will experience financial results in this economic opportunity.

Now is the TIME to TAKE ACTION.

Don’t waste any more time. Contact me RIGHT NOW!

Doug Collins
Riverview, New Brunswick

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