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Time to Go Green with Matcha!

Nowadays, everyone speaks about “GOING GREEN”. I am a real fan of it too. I love nature, I love mother earth and I love to contribute to its protection. Definitely, over the course of the next years, I will implement…
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Unicity Reports Record Growth in 2011

[Press Release] Unicity International Reports Record Growth In 2011 With New Products Salt Lake City, UT January 10, 2012 Unicity International—a global leader in nutritional sciences and natural health products—is announcing record growth in 2011. Through the creation of new…
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The Medical Profession support

Finally…a product that has become the most validated and talked about natural solution in the medical profession for controlling blood sugars, lowering cholesterol, triglycerides and obesity (fat loss). This product marketed exclusively by Unicity International franchise owners and it is…
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Young Generation Entrepreneurs

Growing up we seen the world through the eyes of our parents. They told us to “Go to school, get an education, find a good job and have a lifetime career of happiness”….. Sometimes Reality can be different! While our…
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Timing is EVERYTHING. Your time is NOW!

Timing, like many things in life, isn’t always in your control. But what happens when you find yourself at just the right place, at just the right time – is entirely up to YOU. If you have a desire for…
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Medical Doctors Speak Out

If your doctor suggested you to take something that they believed would help you improve your health….would YOU trust them and take it? No time in history are we seeing so many mainstream medical doctors from all fields of expertise…
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