Do you feel like you have lost your ability to Dream?

When along the way did we lose our ability to Dream? When have we fallen into a life routine living a life that someone (or something) else is directing based on circumstances that are beyond our control?

Take the next 21 minutes to listen to this amazing story shared by Diane Forrester today!

It’s exciting when others begin to see…when we wake our minds up to see things differently and get out of the box.

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This is the video that was referred to on the call. Watch this…and then really watch it again! Get the message into your soul and let it move you!

This is Your chance!

“Don’t be limited by your past, satisfied with your present, or uncertain about your future.” Stewart Hughes, CEO Unicity International

Have you been hoping and waiting for the day to arrive that something or someone will change everything?

If you were presented with an opportunity that could change your life…begin to move you towards living your dreams, something so right for you; so lined up with the right timing in your life; that everything inside of you tells you this is right…what would You really do? Are You ready?

It’s time to Live Your Dreams!

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We are consistently seeing more interest in ‎Matcha‬ because of its powerful benefits…but what’s most exciting is that boost of refreshing energy you feel on the very first serving.

The Matcha story is exciting and its rewarding.

There are many distinct differences that makes Chi-Oka Matcha different and completely sets itself apart from anything else on the market. The first and most important is the EXPERIENCE! Each and every time you drink it you feel it and just love it! Nothing compares to the immediate results like an ice cold Matcha!

It’s always exciting to see the reaction in those first time Matcha drinkers as they get that boost of energy and feeling of wellness. The exciting part is to see all the young kids who just love it!

The Unique Matcha Timing

Bringing the Matcha story to the world is exciting and its rewarding. The phenomena of global distribution called Network Marketing is changing the landscape of how products and services are moved from mfg to consumer. Matcha is exactly the perfect product to be distributed and supported through this distribution channel.

We are building an extraordinary passionate team together who Love That Matcha and we are attracting those who are truly ready. Maybe its time for you?

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The Entrepreneurial Opportunity

The momentum continues to build around the most exciting, revolutionary and impactful wellness lifestyle drink to ever hit the market. The word is spreading quickly. Have you even looked at this yet?

When it comes to timing there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to create a Passive income with Matcha.

This is an entrepreneurial opportunity that is worth millions of dollars! Right now we are so far ahead of the industry. Being in the Matcha business is an exclusive crowd, as not everyone company will get their hands on it and be able to market this high-grade Matcha.

The Perfect Product for the Home Based Entrepreneur

People are learning about Matcha, they are excited to drink it….so why not you be the one to share with them? Getting paid for promoting Bios Life Matcha into the marketplace is fun, its natural and its exciting.

This is an Incredible Opportunity!

Are you currently looking for a company or questioning if you are with the right company? Do you have a product that changes people’s lives? Do you have a Compensation Plan that is driving success? Are you surrounded with the right people, in a culture that inspires and guides you to success?

If you are looking for something that will make you feel good, revive that passion while increasing your finances its time we talk. Contact me today!

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The Energy Booster!

It’s always exciting to see the reaction in those first time Matcha drinkers as they get that boost of energy and feeling of wellness….but that is not all they are getting. Matcha gives you all of the energy but none of the crash, and with so many health benefits. The exciting part is to see all the young kids who just love it!

Research on the Energy from Matcha

In one study, researchers had thought that the energy was from the small amount of caffeine in Matcha leaf, but they found that it was actually the combination of all of Matcha’s natural properties. Another study found that Matcha even improved physical endurance by 24%. So even if you are not a competitive athlete or pushing yourself in a hard workout, Matcha is perfect just to help you get through the day.

The Best Metabolism Booster

Matcha has proven to be a great addition to any weight loss program as it boosts metabolism and burns fat. One study even suggested that Matcha may help burn calories by four times and does not raise blood sugar levels, blood pressure or the heart rate.

Dr. Mehmet Oz has called Matcha, “his secret ingredient for its metabolism-boosting properties, which is prized in Japan for its health-benefits“.

The Matcha Story is changing Lives

It gets exciting when you come to understand that its not just about marketing a fantastic Blue Ocean product but its about the life changing stories that comes together as a result of the experience and the entrepreneurial opportunity this represents.

What we are doing is all about inspiring others to become something they are not today and most likely could never accomplish on their own. It is about getting people to a place in their lives that impacts change, opens up new doors, creates new friendships and allows them to have cash flow from a home business that fuels all they Desire in life.

Are you ready to capture the Secret of Matcha?

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