Telling My Story in the Media

Maritime Entrepreneurs Working From Home

It was Saturday evening on December 29, 2012 when My Story was aired on CTV News at 6pm & 11pm.

The Whole Story

It all started a few days earlier with a fresh idea I had of making a video broadcast to impact the news makers to featuring a story on the changing tide of home based entrepreneurship here in the Maritimes.

Here is the video that inspired the news anchor at CTV News to cover the story.

A Changing Tide of Entrepreneurship – The GenX Guy

My interview on CTV News is a typical story that has been a common experience for so many over the past few years including layoff, downsizing, job terminations, union strikes, tough economy and more.

The Story Aired

The reporter arrived at my home on the Saturday afternoon of the airing to interview me.

As with any special interest coverage in the news the feature story is always edited down to short segments of content for broad appeal.

What They Did Not Show

Here is the full unedited version of my interview that they did not show you.

The Whole Story – Complete Interview

Here is the CTV News Story

Home Based Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are vital to any local economies success but we can not forget the ever growing trend of home based network marketing professionals.

The Benefits

There are those of us, working from home both full-time and part-time, who have chosen this profession not only for the low investment, the lifestyle and its freedom, but we are not saddled with most of the overhead and operational challenges that come with typical ‘bricks & mortar’ businesses.

I have discovered there are so many advantages of starting a home business not to mention we still have all the same tax benefits.

What Is Your Story

Stories are Magic…I learned to tell my story and its changing my life. Do you have the courage to own your script? It is your life…don’t compromise!