That’s not a Home Business! That’s a hobby!

A few years ago, a friend of mine enrolled into a home based business opportunity. He had such a great personal experience with this supplement and nutrition program that he decided to join the company as a distributor.

Like most people who go from customer to distributor, he was driven by the excitement of his own personal testimony and the opportunity to impact others lives in much the same way. Unfortunately, as many end up experiencing, this passion alone DOES NOT create a viable real thriving business.

My Friend was disappointed at tax time!

That following year, at tax time, my friend went to his Tax Accountant with his grocery bag of receipts in hand. He was excited for the windfall of “tax savings” on his employment income.

Unfortunately, his Tax Accountant discouraged him from filing his little side hustle on his personal taxes.

That bag of receipts does not mean you’re “business person”!

It’s not your Tax Accountants responsibility to take care of all your paperwork requirements, financial calculations and record keeping! How can a shoe box of receipts even being to help them (and you) effectively understand and calculate your business use of home expenses, vehicle expenses, tracking your time and activities in your business venture?

I’ve been hearing these stories for years

This is why I decided to create the Income Tax Makeover Course, to help the home business entrepreneur get organized and legitimize their business. It’s also to highlight to those who looking for simple strategies to lower their employment taxes who may have an interest in having a side hustle.

This no-fluff course is designed to get RESULTS and to get you bullet-proof in your recording keeping. In fact, it will simplify things so much that I’m confident your Tax Accountant will love you!

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