The Art of Leadership

When a Profession becomes a true positive Life-Experience

Extraordinary leadership requires the ability to create new skills, expanding your thinking and belief. It all starts with building yourself, developing clarity and a strong commitment on where you are going and a willingness to do it.

Each week on Saturday morning for the past two years we have hosted a 30-minute Coffee Talk call where we come together for a time of inspiration, sharing and encouragement. This call continues to expand and reach all corners of the world!

Coffee Talk is Your Opportunity to Grow

We recently started a series of calls where each individual leader from the Mastermind Team hosts the call, on a topic of their choice. These calls are proving to be very powerful messages and I would encourage you to take the next 50 minutes to listen to these two incredible calls.

Clarity, Focus & Consistency with Jacqueline Di Giovanni – August 17, 2013
[audio: |titles=Jacqueline Di Giovanni on Clarity, Commitment and Focus]

What is it that You have to become good at? What do you focus on?

You become a true leader by growing yourself and many times in that process you have to rely on those who have more belief in you, than you do in yourself. A true leader commits to always act with integrity while giving his very best at all times. As your team team grows they will have confidence in you as a leader when they see you doing the right things, authentically.

Growth, Commitment and Consistency with Cindy James – August 23, 2013
[audio: |titles=Cindy James on Growth, Commitment and Consistency]

A true leader strives for excellence in everything

Your attitude, appearance, work ethics and dedication to excellence can help determine your success. Paying that forward is what really means to “build people”.

This is Your chance!

If you were presented with an opportunity that could change your life…begin to move you towards living your dreams, something so right for you; so lined up with the right timing in your life; that everything inside of you tells you this is right…what would You really do? Are You ready?

It’s time to Live Your Dreams!