The Benefits of an Exercise Plan (Calendar)

If you’ve been through one of my Challenge Groups you would know I strongly encourage having a Workout Calendar! This is my 13-week calendar that I finished last weekend. This calendar I started back on Monday, August 21, 2017.

By definition, this workout calendar is regarded as one of the toughest workout routines ever documented on DVD and one that many will attempt but very few ever finish. At the time I felt I was ready and up for the challenge! It’s called P90X Insanity Hybrid. Have you heard of it?

It wasn’t easy….but it’s DONE!

I did finish it but it took me 17 weeks, not 13. The additional 4 weeks happened because LIFE just got in the way.

Looking back since September I had so many reasons to give-up in this goal including a week away traveling, a major family medical concern, two hockey injuries and many (yes, I mean MANY) days I was not motivated to exercise.

But it was this calendar that was taped to the side of my filing cabinet in my home office that kept me going. It was the boxes being stroked off EACH DAY as the workouts were completed and my consistency to check-in with my GetFit21 community…and my vision for great health…that’s what kept me going.

So now today I proved to myself that despite all these obstacles and distractions I can remain consistent and finish anything I set my mind to do! This is another significant milestone in my own personal health journey.

I turn 49 in a few months. I’m in the best health in my entire life. Results ONLY come with a game plan, the right program (GetFit21) and consistency. A few years ago I realized the cost of NOT taking action was no longer an option! Since then I’ve only looked back to see how far I have come!

Stay focused on the vision!

Sometimes our “heath journey” may take a little longer and require more commitment that we expected. That’s not a ready to give-up! Just like my calendar example here! 13 weeks or 17 weeks…what’s the difference now? As of today IT’S DONE!

Let me ask you..!! What have you accomplished and how have you moved the needle forward in your health & fitness goals in the last 17 weeks?

2018 is right around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about “WHAT’S NEXT” after the holidays!

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Happy Holidays!