The Glycemic Affect

The Glycemic Affect is simply when foods turn into glucose (a form of sugar) in the bloodstream after we eat them.

The glycemic index is the measurement of the type or quality of carbs in a particular food, and how fast carbohydrate raises blood glucose levels, (and consequent insulin secretion and effects produced by the pancreas) as it is digested.

Our modern diets, with all of the nutrient-depleted processed foods (sugar, salt, breads, packaged foods) and liquids (pop , sports drinks) we eat and drink, cause rapid fluctuation of glucose (sugar) and insulin levels in our blood.

These fluctuations causes the body’s muscle & liver cells to attempt to store the excess glucose. If the digestive system is pumping glucose into the blood stream quicker than insulin can move it into the muscles/liver or glucose stays high too long, the body will convert the excess glucose into fat.

The peaks cause cellular damage and pancreatic stress. The lows cause sugar cravings and lack of energy. This is called the glycemic load.

Choosing foods low on the glycemic index not only helps to control your weight but also helps to control cholesterol, maintain a healthy heart and decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

It is not always realistic to think we can live a 100% all natural and perfect dietary lifestyle with foods low on the glycemic index, this is why we need to look for supplements to help us keep the balance.

There are a wide array of products that promise to lower your blood sugar level naturally. The simple truth is, most of them make these claims based on anecdotal results. I have found only one product that effectively does this, called Bios Life Slim.

Bios Life Slim is clinically proven to reduce the glycemic affect in the blood. By lowering the glycemic affect the body will reduce the insulin levels following the digestion of your meals, and throughout the day. Even when you consume high glycemic foods.

Once you have that balance in your sugar levels, it gives you more usable energy throughout the day, and prevents you from having sugar cravings. This is also of great benefit to help prevent cardiovascular disease, control type 2 diabetes, maintain your healthy weight, or if want to lose Fat.

Interested in trying Bios Life Slim and seeing for yourself how it can make a different in your life? To order contact me at (506) 856-9258 or send me an e-mail.




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