Its Now Been Two Years Since My New Career Started

I Can’t Believe its Been Two Years

December 2012 marks the two year anniversary of when I left the hamster wheel called…’Working for a Living’.

It was late 2010 when officially my 20+ year career came to an end and I was faced with the biggest decisions I have ever made. It was time to decide if I was to find another job or use this opportunity as my chance to fulfill my dream in life.

Looking Back At Everything

It was a big move and even scary decision. When I look back over the last two years and take stock in all that has been accomplished I feel so grateful.

Its Been an Amazing Journey

To look back what over the past 24 months and think about what I have learned and all those who I have had the unique privilege of meeting. Just thinking about all the many new friends I made along the way as well as being part of the creation of the Mastermind team we have developed.

The thought of all those media interviews (radio, tv, newspaper) I had as I was able to tell parts of the story related to the good and bad struggles in my journey through entrepreneurship. Most of all reflecting on those exciting places I have traveled to with amazing fun like minded people.

What an amazing experience it has been!

How can I ever forget how much my health has improved as well as the lifestyle I enjoyed and the incredible family vacations. All these things that would have never have been accomplished without making that critical career decision.

What A Blessing

This has truly been the greatest education, the most significant financial adventure and a learning curve like nothing I had experienced ever before.

Its been hard WORK, dedication and many long days but it gave me the opportunity to finally do what I had dreamed of for most of my adult life…to be a self-employed home based entrepreneur. I feel so grateful and blessed that my employer terminated my position!

The Economy is just kicking everyone in the pants

With the changes in the economy in the last few years we have seen thousands of lay-offs, terminations, corporate re-structuring, union disputes and lockouts, and personal financial loses in unprecedented amounts.

The overall happiness in peoples lives have really just deteriorated overall…these days everyone seems to be working harder, life is getting busier but they just are not getting ahead in the “Working for a Living” path.

The Entrepreneurial Path

Looking back over the past two years I wonder…what if…more could have harnessed this entrepreneurial mindset in 2010 and had the same blessing to take the opportunity to walk down a new path to change their life like I did.

Right now, As we approach the end of another calendar year there stands a real question on the table, and that is…

What will you be focused on during the next two years?

Are you going to waste it working away fulfilling some other persons agenda? Will you just continue to complain about what it should be, how it could be, or you wish it was? Or are you going to do something about it?

Start now to make changes so your 2013 will be the start of a New Year and NEW beginning.