Unicity Complete vs The Others!

I get asked often what is the difference between what I recommend for GetFit21 and use personally, vs other meal replacement shakes on the market. I was recently asked the question what is the difference between Unicity Complete and Isagenix IsaLean?

What about Isagenix IsaLean?

I will answer the question specifically as it really allows us to look at other protein products on the market with a more educated critical eye. It’s of value to you in the long term to be an educated consumer.

There is a reason we choose Unicity Complete for our GetFit21 program after doing the market research. The GetFit21 program is designed to teach and have applied the 8 principle and 21 core fundamentals of healthy living, of which Unicity Complete is a key part of that lifestyle.

Different Kinds of Protein Shakes

First lets clarity the different kinds of protein powders that are found on the market. One is the “muscle/fitness” formulation and the other is the “meal replacement/protein shake” formulation. Each of these needs to have certain ingredients and specific characteristic in their formulation to make them of value for their intended purpose.

This is where the knowledge and information breakdown begins at the consumer level and through mass marketing. As consumers, we are quick to only look at the “Grams of protein per serving” without really understanding what we are purchasing and why.

Sources of Protein in these Shakes

There are two main sources of protein powders (non-vegan) being Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate. Whey Isolate has a higher bio-availability meaning the body will absorb more of it at a faster rate with little digestion. This is measured in the scientific world as an amino acid score (PDCAAS).

When it comes to the specific question on Isagenix you will see that product appears on the GetFit21 Comparison Chart in the lower left corner – Why Am I Using This? (nutrient poor, protein poor).

Isagenix Protein Source

The main protein source in Isagenix is an “EXCLUSIVE ISAPRO™ COMPLEX” which is made up of Whey Concentrate, calcium caseinate (casein in milk) and nonfat dry milk. 23g of protein per serving (2 scoops). The remaining product ingredient list is quite lengthy and we won’t go into that here.

Unicity Complete Protein Source

Unicity Complete is a blend of a Why concentrate and Whey Isolate comprising of an amino acid score of 135, that’s based on independent research. It is not known what the Isagenix amino acid score. Most companies do not publish this information.

If you look closer to the Unicity Complete Nutrition Facts you will see the “Typical Amino Acid Per Serving” profile chart. This is the essential and non-essential amino acids that comprise the 20g of protein per serving that makes up the 135 on the amino acid score (PDCAAS). This is critical information when comparing grams of protein from product-to-product.

The Benchmark to Evaluate Meal Replacement Protein Shakes

When the creators of the GetFit21 program set out to find THE BEST protein meal replacement formulation they set the benchmark on 2 criteria that would make up a healthy well-rounded meal replacement.

1. “Macro Score”: Protein (g) + Fiber (g) – Carbs (g)

2. “Nutrient Score” – # of vitamins and minerals at 100% of daily value.

Isagenx IsaLean breakdown is as follows:

  • 23g Protein
  • 4g Fiber
  • 27g Carbs (16g from Sugar)
    ** this would be a 23g NET carb load
  • Unicity Complete breakdown is as follows:

  • 20g Protein
  • 5g Fiber
  • 13g Carbs (5g from Sugar – source being organic sugar cane)
    ** this would be an 8g NET carb load
  • The Sugar in Insagenix product is an Issue!

    You will see a big difference in the NET carb load between the two products. Keep in mind that 4g of sugar = 1 teaspoon. Isagenic is 23g of net carbs which is the same as 5-3/4 teaspoons of sugar for breakfast. That’s an alarming amount of sugar at 11 grams.

    Cost Per Serving

    A 14 serving canister of Isagenix IsaLean retails for $53.27 US. So if you were to do 1 shake a day for a total of 28 days’ worth, the price would be $106.54 US. Cost per serving $3.80 US.

    With Complete, a 30 day supply retails for $89 US ($69 US for Preferred Customer). Cost per serving $2.96 US ($2.30 US for PC).

    Vitamin and Minerals

    Lastly, in reviewing the Vitamins/Minerals profile from a % of daily allowance for Isagenix it does not match up to Unicity Complete for the essential nutrients.