This Saved My Middle Age

You Still Have to Count, or Else Stop Having Birthdays

In 2012 I went through the Transformation with tremendous success. Looking back, I believe that Transformation experience saved me from turning that “middle age” corner of having to face a life of aging, medications, aches and pains.

My family’s health history was like a monkey on my back. My father had a heart attack in his mid-fifties and passed away in his sixties of cancer. My Mother had died of heart disease in her sixties and I had also lost a sister.

After the first Transformation was completed and during the subsequent two years leading up to the January 2015 conference in Las Vegas I continued with what I had learned in my first Transformation, maintaining my weight and overall health.

How My Most Recent Transformation Started

For me, it all started again while attending the Unicity TransformU conference in Las Vegas in January 2015. While watching and listening to the many stories I said to myself….”Wow Doug…. you settled“.

It was at this conference I was truly inspired to take my health to the next level. It caused me to go back to a picture I had in my teenage years when I was in the best physical shape of my life. I found the courage and faith to create a new WHY and I decided to take my health to a new level….to reach my Prime. Why not…age should not matter. I was not going to settle!

I Took Immediate Action

I immediately enrolled in the Transformation that weekend and upon returning home, I had it very clear in my mind what I wanted to accomplish in 2015. I said to myself “Why Not Know!”.

I had this goal in mind to return my physical health to the point in my life that I was at my prime health. The first call with my Transformation Coach, Sean Smith, I explained to him exactly what I wanted to accomplish and that I am ready to do whatever it took to achieve that goal. At that time, I had no idea how Sean was going to become so invaluable to me through his recommendations, encouragement and advice he helped me to realize new possibilities in my Life that I could not have even thought were possible on my own.

Vision Pic-doug-circa 1985

My Vision was Clear

Throughout 2015 that picture I had circa 1985 became my Vision. I had it posted everywhere so it would remind me every day exactly where I was going…it was my ‘Why’. Through guidance, accountability and support of my Coach I moved forward with determination and focus. He worked with me to dial in to the right kinds of foods in healthy portions that suited by body and metabolism…again could never have achieved that without my coach.

My Results Ending 2015

Today I am feeling amazing being down another 32lbs, 6″ on waist and 1″ on neck as a result of this Transformation. In fact, based on all indications considering my dietary habits learned from my Transformation Coach, as well as my blood tests, my current weight, clothing size and body fat %, as well as my fitness levels I might even say I am most likely in better athletic shape today.


Looking Back at the Experience

This Transformation experience has changed me in so many ways. Most significantly in removing my self-imposed mental blocks that come with age and feeling there are limits to us being able to reach our prime and having the stamina we had in our youth. My coach was instrumental in encouraging and pushed me beyond my own boundaries. I recall him often saying to me, “Doug, if you are eating correctly and resting, your body will adjust to the increasing intensity of your workouts”. He was absolutely correct!

Looking Ahead

Today I know I have the foundation, the commitment and drive to continue with this amazing lifestyle and health. I am driven to continue to improve my health and have a new vision for my future.

I am excited to enter my 50’s in the best health of my Life and look ahead to being in my 70’s and 80’s feeling vibrant, painless, drug free and healthy. Not something my parents experienced having lost them in their 60’s due to cardiovascular disease and cancer. I see myself in my 70’s and 80’s keeping up with and playing hockey with 30 and 40 year olds…having them think this old guy is fast.

We really can accomplish anything with the right guidance, accountability, roadmap and support. We can even set our biological clocks back decades if desire measured through our blood chemistry.

Sharing My Personal Journey

I was recently interviewed on an international conference call where I shared some of my personal journey. Inside this journey I addressed all these questions for my body. You might find this interview helpful and inspiring listen to this interview.

You really can live a healthy life of prosperity and wellness – to be free of chronic degenerative disease. If you would like reach out to me and discuss how you too can change your Life I would like to help you begin your journey, and be your support. Lets chat! If not Now…then When?