What are the Affects of Antibiotics?

If you were asked when the last time you had antibiotics was your response would probably be the last time the doctor prescribed them to you.

In actuality you more likely than not consumed antibiotics last night for dinner! It is a standard practice to treat feed lot animals with antibiotics. These are then passed on to the consumer of meat, egg and dairy products.

Lowered immunity can lead to viral and bacterial infections. Generally we are prescribed an antibiotic to help fight the infection. While antibiotics can be a lifesaver and are invaluable in medical emergencies, they can upset the balance of the body’s ecosystem.

Antibiotics were developed to kill bacteria and they do exactly that. They are not selective and they kill the good bacteria right along with the bacteria that is causing the condition. As the antibiotics rid the body of bacteria, our symptoms disappear.

This process, however, leaves the immune system vulnerable to be inoculated with whatever bacteria is introduced. This is why, after taking antibiotics, many people will experience a cold or flu, because this intestinal imbalance lowers immunity.

It is recommended, when taking antibiotics, to supplement with probiotics to aid the microflora in reestablishing the friendly flora needed to maintain a healthy immune system.

Researchers have identified over 400 distinctive species of micro-organisms infesting various regions of the human digestive tract and, if functioning properly, they will guard your body against harmful bacteria/yeast/viruses, stimulate the function of the entire digestive system, produce essential vitamins and regulate their levels, and maintain your body’s vital chemical and hormone balance.

Superbugs – Antibiotics used in livestock feed are encouraging the growth of resistant bacteria. According to a Center of Disease Control study, 12 percent of E. coli, 34 percent of salmonella, and 86 percent of campylobacter samples were drug resistant.



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