What Do You Think?

Here is a quick video I made this afternoon in my backyard as I returned home from my bike ride along the Petitcodiac River. It was a beautiful sunny Fall day here in Riverview and I was inspired to give you a message from the heart. Excuse the sound quality as it was windy outside and I had the sun in my eyes. 😉

Today was the 1-year anniversary since my Mom passed away and today I spent some time thinking about her, reflecting and just being grateful for the time we had together. The message I want to send to you is that life is so precious and our time is short here on earth.

Could you help me with something…?

I am preparing to cover some topics here on this site addressing a number of Generation X challenges that we face today. To help me make sure I give you content with value I need your input. If you could offer up a topic (such as career challenges, finances and debt, relationships, family) that you would like to see here on this site what would it be? What is missing in your life? What are your challenges?

Please comment below.

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