What is Money To You?

What if you could get Money, as an issue, out of your Life?

One either attracts or repels money, and most people have never diagnosed which action they are engaging in.


  1. No more worrying about how you will pay your bills.
  2. No more fretting over how to pay for your kids education.
  3. No more stress over how you will afford retirement.
  4. No more “staycations”…staying home on vacations.

You will only get more IF you learn to ATTRACT it! Money can really solve your problems in life!

  1. Why do you want more money?
  2. Why do you need more money?
  3. What is your relationship with money?
  4. Do you attract or repel money?
  5. What is the best way to get more money?


A Powerful, True Story!

Can a simple short story that requires a mere 15 minute read really change a person’s ability to attract more money into their life?

In order to figure out what is holding yourself back financially, I highly recommend you read you read this powerful, true story about how a young man realized how he was trading his time for money. But through a chance conversation and light bulb moment, he suddenly learned how the wealthy used leverage to create passive cash flow and abundant lifestyles.

When you begin to understand money and leveraged income, a whole new world opens up to you. The sky becomes the limit.

This book will open your mind and allow you to think like someone who has figured out the secret to freedom. The thing is, when we only earn from your own efforts, it is near impossible to break through and create wealth.

What is extraordinary is that reading one short book can change your philosophy about money, which sets the stage for a potential life altering new relationship with money. ~ Brian Carruthers, Best Selling Author and Entreprenuer

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