What You Need to Know About Matcha

Matcha is a type of green tea that comes in powdered form. It has been consumed for over 800 years in Japan by Buddhist Monks, Samurai Warriors and millions throughout the Japanese population.

Matcha Benefits

When comparing the traditional way of drinking green tea we brew the tea which is just soaking the leaves in hot water, and then discarding them, but it does not do justice to the benefits of this amazing super food.

The reason the Japanese keep drinking it is because of all the amazing health benefits it provides simply by drinking it each day. This is why they call it one of their top 5 Super Foods.

This green tea leaf is world renowned for it’s weight loss benefits, antioxidant content, energy boosting properties, and so much more.

Matcha Nutritional Value

Ceremonial Chi-Oka Matcha offers 10x’s the nutritional value and 137x’s more antioxidants than regular steeped green tea, as well as all the other health benefits.

The Chi-Oka Matcha Difference

Bios Life Matcha is a fine powder from shade grown Chi-Oka green tea leaves from Japan. By consuming Bios Life Matcha you get the entire leaf and your body can benefit from all of it’s nutritional properties. And best of all it tastes great too!

Once you understand what Matcha will do for you its not something you will be able to ignore. You have got to try it, feel it and experience it for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Lets talk.

10 Reasons to Drink Green Tea
by Dr. Julian Whitaker

Of the billions of gallons of tea consumed by Americans every year, 80 percent of it is black, and about 20 percent is green. Tea leaves are rich in polyphenols, which have medicinal properties. While both types of tea have been shown to provide multiple health benefits, I want to focus on those associated with green tea.

  1. Boost antioxidant protection. The polyphenols in green tea are very potent antioxidants, which help protect against cancer, heart disease, and other diseases associated with free radical damage and aging.
  2. Enhance weight loss. One specific polyphenol found in green tea— epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)—has been shown to increase thermogenesis, or fat burning. And while drinking green tea will certainly help, to reap full benefits you should also take 300 mg of a standardized extract of green tea called GreenSelect. Look for GreenSelect in products available online and in health food stores.
  3. Reduce blood sugar spikes. A recent animal study suggests that green tea may reduce the blood sugar spikes that usually occur after consuming starchy foods. Researchers found that when mice were given EGCG (the equivalent of about one and a half cups of green tea) along with corn starch, blood sugar spikes were about 50 percent lower compared to those experienced by the mice who did not receive the EGCG.
  4. Relieve stress. Green tea contains L-theanine, an amino acid known for its relaxing properties. Theanine increases alpha waves in the brain and enhances your body’s natural levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter that tones down your brain’s response to stressful situations.
  5. Lift your mood. One study found that older individuals who drink two or more cups of green tea per day are less likely to be depressed.
  6. Keep your memory sharp. Drinking green tea has been linked to a lower risk of age-related mental decline.
  7. Protect your bones. Green tea is also a good source of vitamin K, which improves bone mineralization.
  8. Alleviate arthritis. Along with the weight loss and blood sugar benefits mentioned earlier, EGCG has been shown to reduce inflammation, slow cartilage breakdown, and protect and promote healing of the joints, making it effective for preventing and treating arthritis.
  9. Support your immune system. One study found that green tea can block the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from attaching to healthy immune system cells. And Japanese researchers discovered that 3–5 cups of green tea per day reduced flu by 46 percent.
  10. Fight off bacteria. Other Japanese studies have found that extracts of green tea can prevent the growth of many bacteria that cause diarrhea. Green tea has also been shown to inhibit bacteria associated with dental cavities.

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