When that Stress of Corporate Becomes Too Much

This afternoon I had a meeting with a guy I had not seen for a few years. I knew him years ago as a business associate from my previous career in Corporate. He is now 55 years old and has been with his current company for almost 20 years.

Those Demands at Work

He told me that things have changed so much in his organization since I left Corporate over 5 years ago…he went on to explain that it has become so stressful and demanding he is having panic attacks multiple times throughout the day.

He is now only 5 years away from early retirement…but thinks he just may end up on stress leave first if things at work keep going the way they are. That’s a tough situation and harsh reality to face waking up to every day!

Another Stress of Life

He also went on to tell me how many of his family members have passed away in recent years…and that most of his friends he hung around with for the last decades have passed away…heart attacks, cancer, etc. Now that’s a hard reality to face!

What Can We Do?

For those of us in our late 40’s, 50’s and 60’s it seems we are RIGHT NOW at the age where we are considering and putting higher value on our Happiness, Quality of Life, our Health and Longevity, and possibly even looking forward to some sort of decent Retirement years ahead. The reality is that there’s not many places we can find it all bundled up together…something that offers a better lifestyle solution.

I’m so grateful that I found mine…and I am confident sending out the opportunity of a lifeline to those in need.


Doug Collins is a symbol of ‘Changing Gears’, coming from a 24 year career in “Corporate Canada’, where he became redundant during a corporate merger and downsizing and forced to exit his position.

Today Doug has found a New Voice and Passion as an Entrepreneur. As an Ambassador of Freedom he is building a Dynamic Team of open minded, enthusiastic, goal oriented partners who understand the value and fundamentals of creating Success, Happiness and a Lifestyle of their Dreams with health as the centerpiece. Doug can be reached by e-mail doug_collins@rogers.com, by phone (506) 856-9258 or on Facebook.